Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

The baseline Inspire 2 retails for $3299 and comes with a low-resolution first-person view camera. For this operation, we added the optional Zenmuse X5S (including gimbal) which retails for $2049. This high-quality camera ensured the pilots a good view of the drop areas to assess the area for safety before dropping the payload. This camera weighs 461g (1.01 lb). Another camera option for this aircraft is the Zenmuse X4S camera at 253g (.56 lb), but it had been discontinued by the manufacturer so it was not chosen for this test.

5 Payload and Drop Mechanism

The payload for each delivery totaled 20.4oz (578g or 1.275lb) consisting of a lightweight polypropylene bag, a ziplock bag of sand, a medicine bottle, a small cardboard box, an 8-foot-long paracord tether, and 2 S-carabiner clips.

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