Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

14 Recommendations for Staging a Real Life Delivery Operation

In keeping with the manufacturer guidelines of no more than 3 drones operating in the same “soccer field” space, we have analyzed the delivery pace attainable by 3 crews of 3 people each doing round trip deliveries over distances between 500 and 2500 feet in increments of 500 feet. Here are the assumptions from which our estimates are derived. ● The Inspire 2 batteries, used and recharged in pairs, take 90 minutes to charge. ● The Inspire 2 remote controller takes 3 hours to charge and can operate 4 hours on a full charge. ● If operating temperatures are below 59°F, the flight times will be reduced. The lower the ambient temperature, the less the flight time. ● All 3 team members of each team would be Part 107 certificate holders so they can rotate between the roles of RPIC, LoadMaster, and VO. ● The operating altitude will be between 150 feet and 200 feet. Pilots will ascend to operating altitude at takeoff, fly to the delivery target at altitude, descend down to the target, drop the payload, ascend up to the operating altitude, fly back to the base at altitude, descend to the landing area and reload the payload. ● Flight teams will operate in 8-hour shifts with (2)-15 minute breaks and (1)-30 minute breaks for a total of 7 hours of flight time. ● No flights will begin if the battery charge level is below 35%. ● Ascent time from takeoff to reaching operating altitude is .5 minutes and descent time from operating altitude to landing is .5 minutes (based on average across 90 flights). So the total time reaching and descending-from operating altitude at takeoff and landing combined is 1 minute. ● Average speed to target is 8mph. Average speed returning is 15mph (based on the average of all BVLOS flights of 8.1mph and 15.5mph respectively) ● Average time on target to descend, make a drop, and ascend back to altitude is 1.2 minutes. This is .7 minutes faster than the teams achieved when they were trying to hit the cross in the circle. It allows .5 minutes for the descent, .2 minutes for a drop, and .5 minutes for the ascent over the target. ● Time spent between flights to set up the new payload, check the systems, and change batteries if necessary is assumed to be 1 minute per flight.

Here is a summary of the resources needed for (3) teams operating over the same 8-hour shift.

● (9) pilots ● (4) Inspire 2 drones (1 for each team plus a spare) ● (6) Inspire 2 controllers (2 needed per shift) ● (42) Inspire 2 batteries (12 for each team plus 6 spares) ● (15) Push-to-talk radios

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