Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

As expected, the Time on Target for Test 2 was 2.5 times greater than for Test 1 and almost as long as Test 3A. Speeds to and from the target by the pilots flying manually continued to increase over the previous tests. Battery consumption, on average, was twice that of Test 1. Under these conditions of tight and dynamic obstacles, a crew could also potentially deliver 4 packages on a set of batteries and an estimated 13 to 14 deliveries per hour.

Test 5 Results

Test 5 tested deconfliction between a single ​ DroneUp ​ flight crew and the Workhorse flight crew operating in adjacent and potentially conflicting airspace. Each team delivered to their own set of 5 targets at the same time for a total of 10 deliveries (the granular results below include only the ​ DroneUp ​ flights). The average elapsed time per delivery was 4.8 minutes for Workhorse during this test versus 4.5 minutes for ​ DroneUp ​ . There were no deconfliction problems. The Airboss was successfully able to deconflict the airspace with both teams being on radio communications. Both flight teams operated in the adjacent and overlapping airspace together for 21 minutes. All drops were within the 10-foot target circle. No demerits were scored. Here is a diagram showing the launch and target areas for this deconfliction test.

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