Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

The total elapsed times are similar for both tests but there are significant differences in the components that make up the total times. For example, ascent time in Test 3B was slower than 3A due to at least one pause to deconflict air traffic at the takeoff and landing zone. The time to target was slower in 3B than the pre-programmed flights in 3A. But, the Time on Target for 3B was 21% less than 3A. Under these conditions, a crew could also potentially deliver 3 packages on a set of batteries and an estimated 10 to 11 deliveries per hour. Here are two flight recaps from the AirData software we employed to analyze the flights. The first image shows a flight to target 2-3 using Dronelink and the second shows a flight to the same target flown manually. Both flights are at approximately 200 feet altitude but the manual flight wandered a bit along the way and back, adding 30 feet to the overall trip. The pilot flew manually at a maximum speed of 25 mph while the pre-programmed flight was set to a maximum of 16 mph.

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