Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

Inspire 2 batteries were fully charged at the start of each test. No other software than DJI Go 4 was used in flight to complete the operation. The RPIC and VO maintained direct 2-way communication at all times during the test.

Test 4 End State: ​ The test was complete when each flight crew attempted one delivery (successful or unsuccessful) at each of the 3 defined locations for a total of 9 flights.

9.5 TEST 5: Cross-Platform Deconfliction

Test 5 Objective: ​ The objective of Test 5 was to identify command and control methods for the deconfliction and management of flight operations of multiple platforms in a confined operating environment. Test 5 Description: ​ One ​ DroneUp ​ flight crew and one Workhorse flight crew ​ ​ performed deliveries simultaneously to the same locations identified for test 5. As a part of their performance, ​ DroneUp ​ and Workhorse flight crews needed to coordinate with the Airboss to implement tactics to deconflict their operations. Test 5 Location: ​ Test 5 revisited the yellow and green points from Test 3.

Test 5 Resources: ​ DJI Inspire 2 drone, ​ DroneUp ​ Flight Crew, Workhorse drone, Workhorse Flight Crew, 10 packages, Communications Radios

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