Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

9.4 TEST 4: Hazard Scenarios – ​ Determine the performance impact of hazards ​ . Test 4 Objective: ​ The objective of Test 4 was to validate the adaptability of flight crews in dynamic environments with hazardous and dynamic obstacles. Test 4 Description: ​ This test challenged the flight crews to deliver in tight spots surrounded by obstacles that were well out of the line of sight, with possible command and control problems due to buildings. Also, dynamic (moving) hazards were introduced. Each flight crew was required to deliver a package to 3 locations. Pilots were not briefed on what hazards to expect and had to respond to and resolve each hazard in real-time to safely achieve the delivery objective. Test 4 Location: ​ Each team took off from and landed at Launch Area 2 marked by the red circle and flew to each hazardous target indicated by purple points ​ ​ on the map below (targets 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3).

Test 4 Resources: ​ 3 Inspire 2, ​ ​ 9 ​ ​ Packages, three flight crews (RPIC/LoadMaster/VO), one vehicle, communication radios.

Test 4 Limitations: ​ For the purposes of test integrity flight crews performed the drop function using only the stock DJI Inspire 2 and supporting hardware, excluding the drop mechanism. All

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