Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

Test 3 Resources: ​ 3 Inspire 2, 30 packages, 6 RPIC/LoadMaster/VOs, 15 drop locations, Dronelink software on all iPad controllers for Test 3A, DroneSense software on all iPad controllers for Test 3B, DroneSense software on a PC for Test 3B, communications radios. Test 3 Limitations: ​ For the purposes of test integrity flight crews performed the drop function using only the stock DJI Inspire 2 and supporting hardware, excluding the drop mechanism. All Inspire 2 batteries were fully charged at the start of each test. No other software than that being tested (Dronelink and DroneSense) were used in flight to complete the operation. The RPIC and VO maintained direct 2-way communication at all times during the test. Test 3 End State: ​ The test was complete when each flight crew attempted one delivery (successful or unsuccessful) at each of the 5 defined locations for each half of Test 3, for a total of 15 flights for each team.

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