Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

Test 1 Resources: ​ 3 Inspire 2, ​ ​ 3 Flight Crews (RPIC/LoadMaster/VO) ​ , ​ 15 packages, 5 drop locations, communication radios. Test 1 Limitations: ​ For the purposes of test integrity, flight crews performed the drop function using only the stock DJI Inspire 2 and supporting hardware plus the Skyzimir Stork 2 drop mechanism. All Inspire 2 batteries were fully charged at the start of each test. No other software than DJI Go 4 was used in flight to complete Test 1. The RPIC, LoadMaster, and VO were all co-located for the duration of the operation and used verbal communication for Crew Resource Management (CRM). Test 1 End State: ​ The test was complete when each flight crew attempted one delivery (successful or unsuccessful) at each of the 5 defined locations for a total of 15 dropped packages. 9.2 TEST 2 E-VLOS Operations - ​ Determines variables in performance between Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) operations, and flights where terrestrial obstructions prevented VLOS during the package drop/delivery. Test 2 Objective: ​ The objective of Test 2 was to determine variables in performance between test operations within visual line of sight of the RPIC, and operations where VLOS of the RPIC is occluded by terrestrial obstructions. Additionally, this test validated the performance of the VO coordination with cross-trained RPIC/VO’s, and VO’s with limited training and experience. Test 2 Description: ​ Two ​ DroneUp ​ flight crews ​ ​ performed five deliveries to five locations sequentially. Each of the five delivery locations was positioned behind structures and/or obstacles in a manner to intentionally obstruct the visual line of sight of the RPIC. Each flight crew utilized a downrange VO communicating with the RPIC directly by PTT radio to meet the requirements of FAA rule 107.31(b)(2). The first flight crew consisted of (2) cross-trained RPIC/VO’s. We intended the second flight crew to consist of one RPIC and one layperson VO with minimal prior training, but that plan did not get executed. Instead, VO’s with Part 107 certificates were used.

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