Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

9.1 TEST 1: Control – ​ Establish Performance Baseline Test 1 Objective: ​ Test 1 ​ ​ established the baseline performance of each drone model in a standardized test of a fixed number of deliveries in a fixed set of locations. This test was designed to control, as much as operationally feasible, the variables of environment, human factors, and objectives. The baseline performance of each drone in an idealized environment was used as the control group to compare the impacts of each on delivery performance on each successive test. Test 1 Description: ​ Each ​ DroneUp ​ flight crew, consisting of RPIC, LoadMaster, and VO, was tasked with delivering 5 packages, each weighing 1.275lb, to the (5) drop locations identified below. For this test only, the takeoff location was moved to allow visual line of sight to be maintained by the RPIC throughout the flight. The five target locations were all in the area called “the quad”. This test was repeated through 3 flight crew rotations, and the scores of each rotation were averaged to eliminate flight crew variance in the result. Only one flight team operated at a time and all 3 teams completed all 5 deliveries. The test results were recorded by Data Recorders assigned to that task by the Airboss. These Recorders were either trained Part 107 pilots or temporary workers hired locally who were supervised in their recording tasks by ​ DroneUp ​ Part 107 pilots not participating in flight operations. A sample recording sheet is included in the appendix. Test 1 Location: ​ This test was performed at the 5 drop locations shown in blue near the center of the map. The takeoff and landing area was located at the blue marker on the southeast corner of the map.

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