Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

The flight teams were adjacent to one another, which made verbal communication possible between the teams. ​ DroneUp ​ ’s (3) teams were about 20 feet from one another and each had a landing/takeoff square of 20 by 20 feet. The Workhorse team was located approximately 50 feet to the Northwest and down a slight hill from the ​ DroneUp ​ teams. All teams requested permission from the Airboss to take off or land and permission had to be granted before that action was taken.

9 Test Plan

The following section describes the plan, objectives, and scoring criteria of each test the delivery teams performed. In all the tests, the following scoring criteria and demerit system, if applicable, were followed. Scoring Criteria: ​ The test began when the ​ ​ pre-test briefing was complete. ​ ​ DroneUp ​ Flight Crews were tasked with pre-flighting their aircraft, loading the packages, delivering the packages, and returning safely. ​ ​ Human ​ ​ Data Recorders recorded the following during the operation:

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