Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

being provided (more than a dozen Part 107 pilots participating and observing) and the short-range of the flights (average 924 feet round trip). During the 2 ½ days of flying this drone with this payload, there was no indication of payload weight being a problem. There was one incident when the wind seemed to be an issue and that resulted in a safely aborted delivery shortly after takeoff. The Inspire 2 drone, having been in production for 3 years, is readily available across the United States. Within 300 miles of Washington, DC, ​ DroneUp ​ identified over (50) Part 107 commercial pilots within its network who indicated they owned this drone. DroneUp also received a commitment from its sister company in Norfolk, VA that committed to manufacturing 200 compatible drop mechanisms within 2 weeks of placing an order. For critical packages of up to 1.275 pounds, the Inspire 2 as outfitted for this operation would be ideal. If the X5S camera were replaced with the X4S at a savings of 208g, the resulting total weight as flown in these tests would represent 50.9% of the rated thrust of the motors/propellers. If the large camera were to be removed altogether and the pilot relied solely on the permanent low-resolution First Person View (FPV) camera, the 4250g of recommended payload capacity would allow an increase in the payload to 1.66 lb while staying at the “50% hover throttle” general rule of thumb.

7 Team Participants

DroneUp ​ queried its database of 10,000 Part 107 pilots to find the pilots within 100 miles of Lawrenceville, VA, and sent them each an email describing Operation Last-Mile and seeking their participation if they met the criteria below. All the candidates were located in either Virginia or North Carolina. They were paid a flat rate per day plus a meal and lodging per diem to participate. Interested pilots were instructed to respond to our email describing their relevant experience. These are the criteria we asked the candidates to meet. (1) ​ DroneUp ​ Call Sign (User Profile Name) (2) If not already submitted via the ​ DroneUp app ​ — your part 107 number (3) Number of hours as Pilot in Command (PIC) (looking for pilots with 75-100 hours as a PIC) (4) Number of hours piloting an Inspire 2 or Matrice 210 (looking for 25 hours in at least one of those drones) (5) Experience with night operations — yes or no. If yes, please verify your training as well as whether or not you possess a Part 107.29 waiver. (6) Any public safety background? (7) Any commercial UAV background? (8) Any scheduling conflicts being in Lawrenceville, VA the week of April 6 (9) Your current city of residence

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