Operation Last-Mile: Critical Drone Delivery Testing Report

6 Aircraft Payload Capacity

The DJI Inspire 2’s (4) motors (model 3512) produce a combined thrust of 8500 grams. A general rule of thumb is that a drone should ideally hover at 50% throttle, therefore the manufacturer recommends an Inspire 2 maximum takeoff weight of 4250g. Each of the (4) Inspire 2’s in this exercise weighed 3957g, which included the aircraft, batteries, props, X5S camera, and drop mechanism. The aircraft weight at 3957g plus the payload at 578g (1.275 lb) created a total weight of 4535g. This weight represented 53.3% of the total thrust of the motor/propeller system. DroneUp ​ deemed that this 3.3% overage over the general rule of thumb was acceptable considering the nature of the flights (straight flights with little maneuvering), the supervision

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